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    Torque Sensor

    Varenr: 8651-OPT-V0001
    i h

    • Ranges 0 ... ± 0.02 Nm up to 0 ... ± 1000 Nm
    • Non-linearity up to 0.1 % F.S.
    • Analog output signal ± 10 V
    • Maintenance-free operation
    • Angle or speed measurement (option)
    • Max. speed 35000 min-1
    • Special versions
    • Protection class IP67, data sheet on request


    The slip-ring-free torque sensor for the measurement of torque, angular rotation or speed with integral measuring amplifier is suitable for use in the laboratory and in an industrial environment.

    Thanks to the inductive, non-contact transfer of the excitation voltage and the optical, non-contact transmission of the measuring signal, the sensor can be used wherever low-wear and maintenance-free operation, high speeds or continuous running are required.

    The reliable measurement of constant and variable torques on rotating and standing shaft enables it to be used in quality assurance in the test area and in test rigs and machines as well as in the service area.


    The main components of the torque sensor consist of the measuring shaft with applied precision strain gauge, the rotating electronics with secondary coil and optical transmission ring. Power is supplied to the strain gauge bridge without contact by means of a rotary transformer.

    A torque applied between the two ends of the shaft produces a mechanical strain, which is measured with the help of a strain gauge bridge circuit. An output signal is obtained from the bridge, which is proportional to the applied torque.

    This voltage converted into a frequency-modulated signal is transmitted by means of infrared LEDs to the receiver in the stator.

    As an option, a conditioned, rectangular output voltage of 5 V can be provided for the direct further processing of the angle or speed of rotation signal by means of the electronics integrated within the sensor.

    Use couplings to avoid axial lateral forces and bending moments caused by parallel or angle deviation.

    Download data sheetDownload data sheet