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    Torque Sensor

    Varenr: 8645-5002,5
    i h

    • Measuring range 0 ... 2.5 Nm to 0 ... 500 Nm
    • Very low price
    • New, patented measuring technology
    • Speed up to 5000 1/min
    • Maintenance-free due to non-contact transfer
    • Integrated amplifier


    With its new EMD technology this sensor can measure static and dynamic torque from non-rotation up to permanent high speed.

    The reliability and, above all, the very low price opens up new possibilities next to the present applications for torque measurement sensors.


    1. Automotive (steering, gearing, motors)
    2. Drilling systems
    3. Screwing and bolting tools
    4. Textile machines
    5. Test rigs
    6. Pumps
    7. Fitness and workout gears
    8. Mechanical conveying technology
    9. Household appliances


    A new, patented technology (EMD technology) is used to create the electrical voltage from the applied torque.

    The nickeliferous steel shaft is impregnated with a permanent magnetic pattern. Torque changes this pattern as well as the magnetic field.

    As a result, the sensor delivers a torquedepending measurement signal for the evaluation by EMD electronic of the stator.

    The function derives only from a magnetization of the shaft (no strain gauges, no wiring).

    An ASIC for signal extension gives the user a torque-proportional electrical voltage.

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