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    Varenr: Fluke724
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    Built for the masters of temperature.

    The new Fluke 724: everything you need to troubleshoot and calibrate temperature.

    • Now you can carry one tool to expertly test all the temperature sensors and transmitters in your plant.
    • The Fluke 724 is the master’s answer to temperature calibration. The Fluke 724 can measure and source 10 thermocouple types and 7 RTD types, plus volts and ohms.
    • The Fluke 724 even handles high-speed pulsed RTD circuits and provides loop power.
    • The dual line measure/source display lets you source temperature and view loop current at the same time.
    • With its simple, “no menus” controls, the Fluke 724 is easy to operate, too.

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