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    Rigol DS7014 Dig. Oscilloscope 100MHz, 4 Channel 10GSa/s

    Varenr: DS7014
    i h
    MSO7000/DS7000 series is a multifunctional and high-performance digital oscilloscope designed
    on the basis of the UltraVision II technology developed by RIGOL. Integrating 6 independent
    instruments into one, the MSO7000/DS7000 series is equipped with super high sample
    bandwidth ratio, extremely high memory depth, clear display, excellent waveform capture rate,
    and powerful data analysis functions. Many of its specifications have reached the top level in the
    industry. With sound solutions for mainframes, optional&accessories, and application software, it
    has aroused great attention from customers in the areas such as industrial control, power supply,
    and automotive electronics.