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    Pt 100 Simulator

    Varenr: 4503
    i h

    A compact, sturdy alu-housing, provided with 4 mm terminals in industrial standard, accommodates a high-class switch with wire-wound precision resistors of MANGANIN®. By way of this selector switch 30 fixed temperature values according to DIN EN 60751 (specification for the resistance thermometer Pt 100) are simulated. The simulated resistor value which corresponds to the selected temperature will be picked up at the output terminals "Rsim". Another three terminal sockets serve to simulate connecting cable resistances between 0 and 40 Ω.

    The selector switch of type 4503 S is programmed with 30 temperature calibration points as individually given by the customer within a range from - 200 °C to + 850 °C. The resistance material MANGANIN® used in the instrument has a temperature coefficient of < 10 ppm. Therefore the ambient temperature needs not to be taken into account.

    YSI 400 Simulator With the simulator type 4503S-MET 400 medical thermometers can be calibrated on the basis of MET 400 and/or YSI 400.
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