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    Pressure Transmitter

    Varenr: 8227-4050
    i h
    - Measuring ranges between 0 ... 50 mbar to 0 ... 500 bar
    - Accuracy 0.25 %
    - Output 0 ... 10 V, optional 0 ... 5 V or 4 ... 20 mA
    - Suitable for liquid and gaseous media
    - For dynamic and static measurements
    - Option: absolute measurement
    - Very economic price

    This pressure transducer is especially designed for industrial use in production facilities, for monitoring the system pressure on hydraulic or pneumatic handling equipment, and for measuring the operating pressure in circuits of cooling and air-conditioning systems. The transducer is available at particularly low cost thanks to large production volumes. With its rugged body, high-quality connector and a stainless steel sensor element, the transducer is particular robust and ideally suited to very harsh environments. Critical media may result in damage around the welded seams inside the transducer. Please contact us. The built-in instrumentation amplifier converts the sensor signals into noise-immune current and voltage signals that can be transmitted over lengthy distances.

    The sensor element located inside the transducer consists of a diaphragm that measures the applied pressure with respect to the actual atmospheric pressure or a sealed vacuum. The transducers measuring with respect to atmospheric pressure have a small protected hole at the rear for pressure equalization. The transducer should therefore be used in dry and clean atmospheres. The DIN mating connector is angled through 90° and can be adjusted in four radial positions; its strain relief is suitable for all cable diameters between 4.5 mm and 14 mm. The pressure connection through which the medium accesses the sensor element has a G 1/4" external thread. Strain gauges are applied to the rear face of the diaphragm by a thick-film process, and are connected into a Wheatstone bridge. The built-in instrumentation amplifier outputs a voltage or current according to the pressure. The output signal is short-circuit protected and protected against polarity reversal of the excitation cable.

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