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    Pressure Transducer/Transmitters

    Varenr: 8103-1000
    i h
    - Measuring ranges between 0 ... 2 bar and 0 ... 1000 bar
    - Accuracy < 0.5 %
    - Flush mounted diaphragm
    - Made of titanium
    - Output 4 ... 20 mA available
    - Not magnetic 

    These transducers can be used anywhere thanks to their small size. The construction principle of a flush front diaphragm means they are particularly suitable for applications in which a dead volume is unacceptable, or only a very small dead volume can be tolerated. Another suitable use is in environments where the nature of the medium makes a measurement chamber unsuitable e.g. in the food industry or chemical engineering. With a choice of threaded and welded adapters available, the range of applications can be widened still further. 

    These pressure transducers are made entirely of titanium. The diaphragm used as the sensor element is fashioned from the solid material, and strain gauges are applied to its inner face. These convert the displacement of the diaphragm into a change in electrical resistance, which can be amplified, measured and processed by built-in or external electronic circuitry. The transducers come in a choice of measuring ranges: the gauge sensor (measurements with respect to atmospheric pressure) is available in ranges up to 0 ... 20 bar, and the sealed sensor (measurements with respect to a sealed atmosphere) for the 0 ... 50 bar range upwards. Their outstanding properties include excellent resistance to corrosion, extremely small hysteresis and superb long-termstability plus value for money and high dynamic load performance of up to 108 load changes.

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