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    Miniature Load Cell

    Varenr: 8402-8532
    i h
    • Available ranges from 0 ... 1 kN up to 0 ... 100 kN
    • Accuracy typically 0.5 % F.S.
    • Very small dimensions
    • Made of stainless steel
    • With standardized output signal
    This, related to its measuring range, miniaturized load cell enables an universal and reliable operation in industries and laboratories. It is well suited for compression measurements in very restricted structures. The load cell is a compact construction and made of superrefined steel. Therefore it can be used in many fields of industry, like.

    Examples are:

    1. Press-in force measurements on longitudinal and transversal connections
    2. Compression force measurements on punch and roller applicancy
    3. Spring tension measurements on shock absorbers for cars
    4. Contact pressure determination in push rods
    5. Compression force measurements on compressed-air knee-lever presses
    Thanks to the rounded top, in shape of a little hat, the force to be measured is led into the sensor centrically and free of lateral force.

    Strain gauges arranged in a full bridge are applied on the generated surface of the sensor. By applying a force to the strain gauge bridge the resistance change of the strain gauges is transformed into an output voltage which is directly proportional to the measured force.

    The load cells have to be mounted on a smooth, plane parallel surface. They can be fixed with contact glue or silicone. To receive an adequate measurement accuracy neither transversal nor lateral forces have to influence the load cell.

    Clamp forces acting laterally on the load cell have to be avoided. During installation or mounting you have to take care that the cable outlet and the cable of the load cell are not stressed by tension and bending forces.

    The output signal of the connecting plug is 1.5 mV/V, so that a parallel connection or an exchange can easily be done, without the need to re-adjust the processing electronics.