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    Miniature Diff.Pres. Transmitter

    Varenr: 8303
    i h

    • Measuring ranges from 0 ... ± 50 mbar to 0 ... ± 10 bar
    • Measurement accuracy < 0.5 %
    • High line pressure
    • For liquid or gaseous media
    • Integrated measurement amplifier


    The pressure transmitter illustrated here measures differences in pressure between the two connections of the measuring element. Pressure differences can be measured with respect to a reference pressure, such as atmosphere, or to the command variable of a regulation system. Equally, however, it is possible to measure pressure differences within systems that have a high static pressure. One practical example of this would be measuring a flow rate by determining the pressure drop occurring across a metering diaphragm.


    The differential pressure transmitter measures in both directions and can therefore, for instance, be used on double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Its construction permits it to be used with liquid or gaseous media. Venting holes simplify installation. The robust design and the use of stainless steel make it possible to use the pressure transmitter under tough operating conditions.


    It is fitted with integrated electronics to make the pressure transmitter even easier to use. This delivers the usual  current or voltage outputs familiar in measurement and control engineering.


    The differential pressure transmitter has a chamber on each pressure port. The chambers are separated by a diaphragm. Coils are located, and hermetically sealed, within the two halves of the sensor housing on both sides of the diaphragm. If there is a difference in the pressures on the two sides of the center element, the diaphragm is deflected from its rest position. As a result, the reluctance of the two coils, which are wired as differential inductances, changes. The integrated electronics converts the changed inductance ratio into the desired output signals, which are then available for further processing.

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