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    Load Bending Beam

    Varenr: 8511-5500...6002
    i h
    • For tension and compression forces
    • Measuring ranges from 0 ... 5 N to 0 ... 2000 N
    • High linearity up to 0.1 %
    • Very low mounting height
    • Simple force application
    • Material aluminium or stainless steel
    • Special design on request
    Model 8511 bending beam load cells are designed for measuring tension and compression forces. Their high accuracy, low torque sensitivity and very low mounting height make these sensors particularly suitable for use in weighing and dosing technology as well as for laboratory and production use.

    Extremely simple force application makes the sensor easy to handle. It offers a very favorable price/performance ratio and can be used universally for static and dynamic measurements.

    Examples of application:

    1. Dosing system
    2. Load deflection curve
    3. Tension force measurement for wire or thread winders
    4. Friction forces
    5. Cable force
    6. Withdrawal force, etc
    The measuring element of this load cell consists of a double bending beam with strain gauges, the resistance of which changes with the application of force. Upon applying a voltage to the strain gauge bridge, the change in the strain gauge resistance is converted into output voltage, which is directly proportional to the force. The strain gauges and the entire measuring element are protected from water spray by rubber bellows.
    To install the load cell, it is securely clamped on the side with 2 bore holes. The tension or compression force to be measured is applied at the other end. Force is applied easily perpendicular to the sensor axis. This serves to prevent falsification of the measured values. The influence on the measuring signal resulting from the increase of load distance on the mounting side (e.g. by a touch finger) is negligible. Overload protection can be realized with little effort using a mechanical stop.