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    High Precision Transducer

    Varenr: 8221-6002
    i h
    Measuring ranges from 0 ... 1000 bar to 0 ... 5000 bar
    Accuracy < 0.5 %S
    uitable for liquid and gaseous media
    For dynamic and static measurements
    Made of stainless steel
    Standardized sensitivity to 2.0 mV/V 

    This transducer for high pressure is designed for universal use. The features of this unit are good accuracy, high reliability, ruggedness and excellent long-term stability. 

    It works with a metal-coated strain gauge sensor element connected as full bridge and providing a standardized output signal. The unit is suitable for dynamic and static measurements on liquid and gaseous media. 

    The range of application for this pressure transducer are laboratories, production field, industrial processing, automatic operation, marine engineering or aviation industry. 

    Especially to be mentioned is the proven and mature technology of this sensor resulting in a simple and user-friendly operation. 

    The unit is built from rugged electronic components and ultrasonic tested material. This helps to avoid mechanical faults and enhances the reliability and versatility of the product in industrial use. The measuring element is produced from one piece of solid steel. This enforces the operating reliability because the media do not touch welding seams. 

    The connection between transducer body and pressure connector is done by electron beam welding to save the good physical property of stainless steel. 

    To ensure the versatility of the transmitter without recalibration of the following electronics, the output signal is standardized to 2.0 mV/V. Internal amplifiers for 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 5 V or 0 ... 10 V are available. The output is protected against polarity reversal and short circuits. 

    For a simple calibration or to test the following electronics, the high pressure transducer is fitted with an internal shunt resistor.

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