phase ii micro vickers hardness tester adv w/ auto turret s
Phase II Micro Vickers Hardness Tester Adv. w/ Auto Turret S
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Our advanced line of Micro Vickers Series hardness testers are state-of-the-art, precise testing systems suitable for hardness analysis of metallic specimens in metallography laboratories or production environments.
The Phase II micro-vickers hardness testers are versatile and user-friendly systems,designed for the accurate hardness testing of small precision parts, thin materials, coatings, wires and case depth determinations. The Phase II 900-396 is our High end micro-vickers hardness tester, covering the load range from 10g to 1kg, with full digital technology. This micro vickers hardness tester has an auto select dial to determine the weight load used. A double path for both the eyepiece and a digital ccd image system is included. The motorized turret can be used with both Vickers and Knoop penetrators. Conforming to ASTM E-384/92 vickers hardness tester standards, the 900-396 digital vickers hardness tester will offer unmatched repeatability. A perfect rugged performer suited for any environment, the Phase II vickers hardness testers are offered with a 5 year warranty and free lifetime technical support.
The 900-396 Micro Vickers Hardness Tester is made with a unique and precision design in the field of mechanics ,optics and light source,and is able to produce a clear indentation and a more precise measurement. The large LCD shows the measuring methods, the testing force, the indentation length, hardness value, the dwell time of the testing force as well as the number of the measurements on its screen.
All information such as diagonal lines length of indentation, hardness values, data statistics and hardness conversions can be displayed on the LCD, which has 32 adjustable contrast levels.
The tester can be adapted using ccd camera for transfer of operation and data via pc.
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