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    Digitale Display for inc. Sensor

    Varenr: 9140-OPT-VXX1X
    i h
  • Display resolution from -999999 ... 999999
  • Resolution to 0.1 µm
  • Peak value memory for min, max and peak-to-peak
  • Classifier comparator
  • Up to 2 measuring channels
  • RS232 interface
  • Mathematical functions

  • Description:
    With its phenomenal resolution of 0.1 µm and the high response frequency of 20 MHz, the 9140 is a powerful display unit with a compact design. The comparator function integrated as standard allows for direct evaluation of measurements almost in real-time; these can be processed further by a higher-level controller. A rather more comprehensive acquisition method is also integrated into the system. Device settings can be made either through the keypad on the front, or through the optionally available serial interface.
    The two-channel version also offers simple mathematical functions such as addition and subtraction. These are particularly handy for differential displacement measurements.

    Data sheet