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    Digital Pt 100 Simulator

    Varenr: 4501
    i h
    There are five precision decade switches in a sturdy metal housing. The desired temperature value is selected in four steps with a 0.1 degree celsius resolution in ranges from - 100 degree celsius to max. 500 degree celsius. According to DIN EN 60751 the precision resistors simulate the temperature values for the Pt 100 resistor. The simulated temperature value is called on the output plugs "R". If required, the line resistance can also be simulated in steps of 10, 20 and 30 Ω. The celsius scale, displaced by 273,15 K opposite the absolute temperature stipulates that an additional switch-over of polarity is performed at negative celsius temperature values. The simulator is high ohmic at wrongly entered + or signs. An unintentional misuse is practically impossible. The switches are implemented in a shortcircuit control manner. The precision resistors in the 100 deg. decade will therefore be switched parallelly at the moment of switch-over, in all other decade steps there is no effect at switchover. The used resistor material MANGANIN® has a temperature coefficient smaller 10 ppm/K. This makes a consideration of the environmental temperature normally superfluous.
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