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    Digital Display

    Varenr: 9180-OPT-VXX1X
    i h
  • For measurements of force, pressure and torque using strain gauge sensors
  • For measurements of positions and angles using potentiometric or DC/DC sensors
  • For measurement of temperature using Pt 100 or TC
  • Processing of standard signals ± 1 V/ 5 V/ 10 V/ 0 ... 1 mA, 0 (4) ... 20 mA
  • Min. or max. peak values via an additional display
  • TARE and HOLD functions
  • Configuration of up to 4 setpoint alarms (optional)
  • RS232- or RS485 (optional)
  • Analog or BCD output (optional)
  • Display range - 99999 ... + 99999
  • Accuracy < 0.1 %
  • Scalable through teach-in processes or the entry of sensor data


    State-of-the-art microprocessor technology has allowed the realization of numerous practical, special functions. Our devices provide operator guidance as a standard feature. Self-explanatory abbreviations greatly facilitate this process so that even inexperienced users are soon dispensed from the operating instructions.

    First, the type of input signal and type of sensor are specified. Interoperable are strain gauge units, potentiometers, process signals 0 ...1 mA, 4 ... 20 mA, ± 1 V and ± 10 V as well as DC/DC sensors.

    Then, the calibration process is selected.Users can choose between teach-in and calibration in accordance with sensor protocols. The decimal point can be moved as required. The sensor excitation stated in the technical specifications are set automatically on selection of the sensor type, except in case of process signals. A choice of three excitations is available for process signals. Complete electrical isolation of the measurement channel prevents measurement values from being falsified by ground loops.


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