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    Varenr: 9186-OPT-V3XXX
    i h
  • Excellent value digital display
  • For force, pressure or torque measurements using-gage sensors
  • For position or angle measurements using potentiometric sensors
  • Straightforward processing of ± 10 VDC reference signals
  • Two limit alarms optionally available
  • Extremely easy-to-read display with 20 mm digit height
  • Display range -1999 to + 9999
  • TARE function for strain-gage sensor input
  • Scaling possible using teach-in procedure or by entering sensor data directly
  • Description:

    The production of this excellent value digital display was possible by employing state-of-the-art microprocessor technology and keeping the complexity of the internal design to a minimum. The simple menu-driven instrument setup procedure with self-explanatory mnemonics ensures that even the novice can use the unit immediately without an operating manual. First, the user specifies the type of input signal or sensor. Then the user can select the relevant calibration procedure by either applying an input measurement or through teach-in (calibration taken from sensor documentation). The position of the decimal point can be set to suit, while the sensor supply voltage can be hardware-set to 5 VDC (default) or 10 VDC. There is also the option to use a digital low-pass filter to correct any display flicker caused by the particular application.

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