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    Compression Load Cell

    Varenr: 8526-6100
    i h
    • Measuring ranges from 0 ... 100 N to 0 ...200 kN
    • Small dimensions
    • For static and dynamic measurements
    • Made of high-grade stainless steel
    • Welded construction, protection class IP64
    • With standardized output signal 1 mV/V
    • Three threaded holes on bottom for mounting
    A high price/performance ratio and robust design characterize the compression load cells even in the high measuring ranges. Their small dimensions allow these load cells to be used for measuring static and dynamic compressive forces in restricted spaces.
    The model 8526 load cell has a sealed body, allowing it to be used even under dirty and harsh industrial conditions.

    These sensors are used as measuring elements mainly in:

    1. Device manufacture
    2. Production lines
    3. Measurement and control systems
    4. Manufacture of fixtures and special machines
    5. Geological applications
    The model 8526 load cell is designed as a flat, circular disc. 4 strain
    gauges are applied at the measuring element of the sensor body. The measuring element inside the body carries a strain gauge full bridge which outputs a voltage directly proportional to the measurement variable on the application of a force.
    The load application knob for receiving compressive forces is an integral part of the sensor. The compressive force must be applied with a part that leans on a sensor parallel plain with reference to the application knob. This ensures only minor influence of smaller angle faults between the force application and the sensor axis to the measurement signal. Basically the measurement force must be applied centrically without any lateral vectors of force.

    A ground bearing surface for the sensor as well as a hardness of at least 60 HRC of the bearing surface of the force application are precondition for an optimum in measurement quality.

    The standardized nominal value (1 mV/V) simplifies the exchange of sensors. Furthermore the sensors can be switched parallel for the summation of singular forces.