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    Additel 916A Pneumatic Pressure Test Pump

    Portable, only 5.9 lb.
    Great stability and high resolution.
    Minimal maintenance.
    Hand-tight quick connectors.
    Varenr: Additel 916A
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    The 916A Pneumatic Pressure Test Pump is a hand operated pressure pump designed to generate pressure from 95% vacuum to 600psi (40bar). A high-quality screw press is designed for fine pressure adjustment, with an adjustment resolution up to 10 Pa (0.1 mbar). A specially designed shut-off valve makes the pressure as stable as possible during calibration. A built-in gas-liquid isolator protects the pump from moisture and dirt to reduce the need for maintenance. Two hand-tight quick connectors installed on the pump allow easy connecting and disconnecting to the test pump without the need for PTFE tape or wrenches. The 916A is an ideal comparison test pump for pressure instruments calibration.