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    Additel 680A Digital Pressure Gauge

    Pressure ranges up to 60,000 psi (4,200 bar).
    0.1% or 0.2%FS accuracy.
    800,000 data logging records.
    Intrinsically safe (ADT680AEx).
    IP67, Stainless steel shell, fully welded sensor.
    Battery life up to 4000 hours.
    Large, easy-to-read display.
    Backlit display.
    Bluetooth and RS232 capable.
    Communication with Additel's Link Mobile App.
    Varenr: Additel 680A
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    Additel’s 680A Series Digital Pressure Gauges are designed with a wide range of pressure measurement and calibration applications in mind. With features such as datalogging and Bluetooth technology included, you will find these gauges to be high in value at a reasonable cost. These durable IP67 rated gauges have been built with outdoor elements in mind and are the perfect fit for field work when accuracy and dependability are a must. If you are working in an intrinsically sensitive area, look to our Ex-versions of this amazing digital pressure gauge to provide that extra level of safety in sensitive areas.


    The model ADT680A has been built with the finest materials to ensure that it can hold up to the elements. Everything from the stainless stell outer shell to the innermost sensor design have been optimized to ensure that this gauge will keep you informed with on-demand and logged pressure readings for years to come. The IP67 rating ensures that dusty and wet environments won’t hamper these gauges ability to perform while the shock and vibration resistance (5g vibration 10g shock) coupled with the corrosion resistant wetted parts help to protect the inner workings of these durable Additel gauges.


    Technicians often have tight schedules and heavy workloads, which leaves little extra time for correcting mistakes or doing rework. The ADT680A prevents these errors with button functions that are smooth and easy to use. The display is clear in bright sunlight, and the backlight can be turned on with a one-button press for use in low light situations. The pressure value can be displayed in large fonts and can be read from a few meters away, making this gauge the perfect device for no-nonsense measurement, calibration and verification work.

    Easy To Maintain

    The ADT680A is designed with membrane buttons, making them easy to clean and maintain. Coupled with the extra-long battery life of these easy-to-use gauges, you will find that maintenance is minimal and infrequent.