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    Additel ACal (9530) Pressure Calibration Software

    Supports multi-users and network environments
    Calibration and asset management
    Simple user interface
    Scanning and printing of QR codes
    User definable permissions and access levels
    Supports various units
    Can calibrate a variety pressure and temperature instruments
    Can calibrate several instruments at a time
    Calibration planning and scheduling
    Certificate management and creation
    Certificate customization
    Varenr: Additel ACal (9530)
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    Additel ACal is a powerful software package designed to automate or semi-automate calibrations and manage your laboratory.  ACal combines the pressure and temperature automation features with lab and asset management functions to help make your job easier and more productive.  ACal comes in three versions: Basic, Professional, and Network.  ACal Basic supports asset management and task management features.  ACal Professional is a single PC installation which combines all the features of Basic with automation functionality.   And ACal Network puts the Professional version on a multi-user network platform.