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    Additel 850-1200 Laboratory Thermocouple Calibration Furnace

    Temperature control from 300°C to 1200°C.
    3-in-1 furnace with 9 unique modes.
    Stability of ±0.1°C.
    Radial uniformity of ±0.25°C @ 1200°C.
    Axial uniformity of ±0.25°C @ 1200°C.
    Multi-zone temperature control.
    Quick cool technology.
    Sliding probe holder provides mechanical stability and precise probe depth control.
    Pivoting color touchscreen display.
    Alumina and metal inserts available.
    Patent pending EMF shielding technology.
    Advanced safety control.
    Wi-Fi Communications.
    Varenr: Additel 850-1200
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    Thermocouple calibration work can be challenging. Here at Additel, we understand the difficulties of this type of work. Traditional furnace designs require several individual devices to meet industry standards for various calibration applications. To address this costly reality, Additel has created a multi-purpose furnace to help save time, money and space in your calibration facility. Our new ADT850 Laboratory Thermocouple Calibration Furnace is like having three separate furnaces is one. Users can select optimized settings for shorter probes, longer probes and even annealing purposes. The ADT850 horizontal furnace can be used in (9) different modes/configurations to help meet even the most challenging calibration requirements and standards. Additel’s 850 furnace is packed with many additional features and a performance you will not find anywhere else. The ADT850 is commonly used in a multitude of industries such as energy, calibration laboratories, aerospace and metallurgy to name a few. It is generally used by primary and secondary calibration laboratories to calibrate various length noble and base metal thermocouples with the lowest possible uncertainties. Additel’s ADT850 is the most stable and versatile furnace available!