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    Additel 783 Pressure Controller (Up to 3600 psi)

    Pressure ranges from -14.35 psi (-0.99 bar) to 3600 psi (250 bar).
    Two removable internal pressure modules with multi-range selection.
    0.02% FS, 0.01% FS, and 0.011% RD accuracies available.
    Control stability of 0.003%FS.
    Ultra-High speed pressure control.
    Absolute and Gauge Pressure.
    WiFi enabled communications.
    Large 7" color touch screen display.
    Optional barometer module.
    Easy-to-use icon driven interface.
    I/O alarm.
    Varenr: Additel 783
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    These modular pressure controllers combine cutting-edge control/measurement technology, modular design, and user-friendly features. The Additel 783 controller series is optimized for high speed to pressure without compromising accuracy and stability.  For users who require automated production, test, and calibration, Additel has the workload covered with these pressure controllers. The ADT783 can be quickly outfitted with two controlling modules and one reference barometric module to cover a wide pressure range.  The Additel 783 series offers three base units to choose from, which range from 3500 psi (250 bar) down to low pressure differential.