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    Additel 226 Multifunction Process Calibrator

    • Sourcing, simulating and measuring pressure, temperature and electrical signals
    • Built-in Barometer
    • Intrinsically safe models available (Ex)
    • Large Smartphone like touchscreen user experience
    • USB Type-C and Bluetooth communications
    • IP67 Rated
    • High Voltage Measurement Capability (±300V AC)
    • True RMS Voltage Meter Capability
    • Dual channel pressure module ports
    • High Static Differential Pressure Measurement 0.002% FS
    • ISO 17025-accredited calibration w/data included
    Varenr: Additel 226
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    Additel’s new Multi-functional Process Calibrator series takes portability, functionality, and accuracy to a whole new level and packages it with an intuitive and easy to use color touchscreen display. The ADT226 is a powerful yet cost effective process calibrator, which has an ATEX certified intrinsically safe option - ADT226Ex allowing you to perform calibration work in the harshest of environments. We’re confident these new tools will not only meet your calibration requirements but will make metrology simple for you!