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    2 Watt Fixed Attenuator DC-3GHz

    Impedance: 50 Ohm
    Frequency Range: DC-3000 MHz
    RF Input Power: 2 Watts
    Attenuation Values: 1-30 dB
    RF Connectors: BNC, N, SMA, TNC, 7/16, 4.3/10.0
    Varenr: 50FP-XXX-H3
    i h

    Model 50FP-xxx-H3 is a 50 Ohm coaxial fixed attenuator rated at 2 Watts maximum RF input power and operates DC-3000MHz.  Available dB values from 1dB to 30dB.

    For model 50FP-XXX-H3, replace the XXX with the desired attenuation value and add the RF connector type at the end to create the full model number.

    Example Model Numbers:

    50FP-001-H3 BNC   (1dB with BNC male/female)
    50FP-002-H3 BNC   (2dB with BNC male/female)
    50FP-003-H3 BNC   (3dB with BNC male/female)
    50FP-004-H3 BNC   (4dB with BNC male/female)
    50FP-005-H3 BNC   (5dB with BNC male/female)

    50FP-006-H3 N   (6dB with N male/female)
    50FP-007-H3 N   (7dB with N male/female)
    50FP-008-H3 N   (8dB with N male/female)
    50FP-009-H3 N   (9dB with N male/female)
    50FP-010-H3 N   (10dB with N male/female)

    50FP-011-H3 TNC   (11dB with TNC male/female)
    50FP-012-H3 TNC   (12dB with TNC male/female)
    50FP-013-H3 TNC   (13dB with TNC male/female)
    50FP-014-H3 TNC   (14dB with TNC male/female)
    50FP-015-H3 TNC   (15dB with TNC male/female)

    50FP-016-H3 SMA   (16dB with SMA male/female)
    50FP-017-H3 SMA   (17dB with SMA male/female)
    50FP-018-H3 SMA   (18dB with SMA male/female)
    50FP-019-H3 SMA   (19dB with SMA male/female)
    50FP-020-H3 SMA   (20dB with SMA male/female)

    50FP-021-H3 7/16   (21dB with 7/16 male/female)
    50FP-022-H3 7/16   (22dB with 7/16 male/female)
    50FP-023-H3 7/16   (23dB with 7/16 male/female)
    50FP-024-H3 7/16   (24dB with 7/16 male/female)
    50FP-025-H3 7/16   (25dB with 7/16 male/female)

    50FP-026-H3 4.3-10.0   (26dB with 4.3-10.0 male/female)
    50FP-027-H3 4.3-10.0   (27dB with 4.3-10.0 male/female)
    50FP-028-H3 4.3-10.0   (28dB with 4.3-10.0 male/female)
    50FP-029-H3 4.3-10.0   (29dB with 4.3-10.0 male/female)
    50FP-030-H3 4.3-10.0   (30dB with 4.3-10.0 male/female)

    Non-standard and mixed RF connector configurations are available upon request:

    50FP-003-H3 SMA F/F   (SMA female/female)
    50FP-006-H3 SMA M/M   (SMA male/male)
    50FP-010-H3 BNC M/SMA F   (BNC male/SMA female)
    50FP-010-H3 BNC F/SMA F   (BNC female/SMA female)
    50FP-020-H3 7/16 M/N F   (7/16 male/N female)